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blockchain history

History and Evolution of Blockchain Technology

A blockchain is, at its most basic level, a series of transactions. A set of timestamped immutable data records managed by a collection of computers not owned by a single entity, each of these data blocks (i.e., block) is protected and linked by cryptographic principles (i.e., chain). The blockchain network has no centralized authority; it…
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hardware wallets

Hardware Crypto Wallets: Do You Need One?

Hardware wallets are among the most convenient and practical types of wallet secure methods of storing cryptocurrency.

Stellar Horizon

Install Stellar Horizon API: Quick Start Tutorial

We will start with a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 LTS instance. It is important to use any of the recent LTS Ubuntu instances if you wish to use the packages maintained by Stellar Development Foundation. First we will do our usual server setup tasks such as updating packages, setting hostname, firewall, and others. This is beyond…
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